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images entrepreneur app frogger

Congratulations to October's Adult Inventor! Jaymore, Nicole, and Napthaniel are 10th grade students in the Philippines. Taeil Jung also helped with this app. Paolo is a 7th grade student in the Phillipines who doesn't let autism stop him from achieving his dreams. IT coworkers Rafael and Eriton play poker weekly and needed to calculate faster and more precisely the total value of the poker chips, so decided to make their own app. Congratulations to the January adult winners! Ria, Harini, and Eesha from the USA joined forces for the Technovation Challenge to make a mobile app designed to help individuals with autism improve their social interaction skills and reduce anxiety in times of stress. With some help from her mentor Arnav, she created a sounds app that has colorful images and corresponding sounds. Denis, an ICT support technician in Germany, created this hobbyist app to interface with the SparkFun Spectral Sensor Breakout Board the required ino file is within the assets folder of the app. That's the main idea of the game.

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  • Feb 15, Long before you can afford a staff to help you do more you can afford apps that help freak out less. May 26, Access the latest issues of Entrepreneur and enjoy the latest news, videos and how-to articles-in one place, on any of your Apple or Android devices, and on your own terms.

    images entrepreneur app frogger

    Download the Entrepreneur magazine app on your iOS or Android device and enjoy: If you use the Entrepreneur. Feb 1, A cute travelling frog who gives gifts but can't be controlled is the hottest game app in China.
    Guruvira, a student in India, created this BMI app for a school competition. Congratulations to the February adult winners!

    The app calculates mathematical functions, provides science images helpful in the classroom, and also links to his own blog. His ambition is to be an app developer.

    images entrepreneur app frogger

    Inspired by her love for nature and preserving the planet, she built iTree to help users interactively learn the steps involved in planting a tree.

    images entrepreneur app frogger
    They built this app for a research project on phobias.

    This app guides users through EFT "tapping" to help overcome their smoking addictions. Six students from a high school in Seville, Spain worked together to build an intelligent, real-time monitoring app for farmers. His app automatically notifies chosen contacts when the user reaches their destination.

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    She created this app to showcase novels with strong female leads and encourage education. Winners will be announced in November. Seventh grade student Sushil from India created this app to keep kids fit and also to reassure their parents that their kids are safe.

    Please note: As of July our primary App of the Month award categories will be But stay posted, as this is only one step in the English "zany entrepreneur".

    App of the Month Winners Explore MIT App Inventor

    Jan 21, If I told you Trivial Pursuit and Frogger were the hottest things right now, of December, according to industry-intelligence firm App Annie.

    Turn your smartphone or computer into a business line! Use the Grasshopper desktop and mobile apps to get the most out of your Grasshopper phone number.
    SZY is a mechanical design engineer from Taiwan, who enjoys making games in his free time. Check out their website about the project here. He is from Slovenia and currently in elementary school. This app utilizes the BLE extension.

    images entrepreneur app frogger

    He is currently studying programming, and is interested in learning via practical approaches. He started coding in the 4th grade and created this app as part of his computer science course.

    Nicholas is a 10th grader in Canada.

    images entrepreneur app frogger
    Entrepreneur app frogger
    Congratulations to the June youth winners!

    Mandy Fung is 11 years old, and a Primary 5 student in Hong Kong. She created this app to showcase novels with strong female leads and encourage education. They initially designed this app for an IT contest. Congratulations to the March adult winners!

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