Q-see android app login failed

images q-see android app login failed

The only system setting I see is: Just for clarification if it helps to resolve anything; everything worked fine for last 2 years up until yesterday morning approx11am. Hi All, I would like to share my experience on this issue. He didnt know anything about it. Contact us We're here to help. The manual isn't written in very good English, but i tried this and it didn't seem to do anything. I wish they could fix something so I can use my app. Called T mobile several times and even went to their store but no one can help. It is the new CMS tool. I can see the cameras when over wifi from anyw in the world.

  • Cant view home cameras with TMobile iPhone but TMobile Support
  • Can't get Qsee dvr to view remotely.

  • I am having trouble setting up the android application Q See QC view. It keeps saying login failed.

    What am I - Answered by a verified. I have a H 4 channel standalone network DVR. Don't see any brand name on it although when I click on system info it is listed as.

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    Remote access means no matter w. your feeds from anywhere, at any time, using a free mobile device app and your Internet connection.
    We need a solution, not re-stating the known issue. Try making another username and password on your local DVR and try logging in with that.

    Also, you sometimes have to use a different login and password for web use on some DVR's. Nothing has changed at home. Only recourse is to switch back to Verizon which has a lot better coverage. I do have activex installed and the settings on IE enabled or set to prompt.

    images q-see android app login failed
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    I no longer can view my home cameras from my iphone when on cellular.

    Cant view home cameras with TMobile iPhone but TMobile Support

    Ok that's good in one aspect but sukcs in another. Hey, if it helps you can get the pc version of xmeye from http: I installed Swann View Plus onto my iPhone 6s, and it works fine.

    images q-see android app login failed

    It works fine on wifi but will not work on T-Mobile cellular service. Without getting to crazy into tech talk think of your IP as your personal identity for the internet.

    First, download the free Q-See QT View app to your Apple mobile device or smartphone, Android Open the app on your smartphone and click on the “bar code scan” button at the bottom right of the app's “Login” screen. Now. *Q-See's QC View for Android smartphones puts the power of peace-of-mind literally at your fingertips.

    images q-see android app login failed

    * Designed to work with our QC-series security DVRs. I can't log on to my dvr using my android app (Q-see). I tried both my I tried using IE9 to login and it won't install I lowered the.
    How did you do it? Also, in the DVR manual it says that "if forget your password, please make the jump J16 on the main board short for about 5 seconds when machine works, user can access system menu to change your password again".

    This content has been marked as final. Since you're not the only one with the issue on T-Mobile, I doubt that its on your end I can get into it and change settings just don't know which to change.

    images q-see android app login failed
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    I've been working on this for days and it's been driving me nuts.

    Has this happened to anyone else? Does it show the Qsee login screen?

    Can't get Qsee dvr to view remotely.

    It is different for each router and manufacturer unfortunately on how to do it. Keep getting login failed on web application manager. I agreed this is nothing to do with the router or iPhone OS.

    images q-see android app login failed